Svetlana Touline

Svetlana Touline


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    As Principal, Svetlana Touline handles a wide range of key responsibilities including investment opportunity evaluation, project and fund level underwriting, involvement in deal structuring, and investor relations. She is a member of our Investment Committee as well. In these functions, she cultivates relationships within a broad network of international placement agents, investors, real estate developers, and brokers.


    Svetlana has successfully passed the CFA qualification exams of level 1 and level 2. She has also co-founded a PE fund with a focus on international investments and immigration, and she managed operations of the sales department for Sherwin-Williams, a global Fortune 500 company. Before joining Berkeley she had worked with several Berkeley team members in managing operations of three private equity funds.


    Svetlana earned a BA in Finance and International Business from Cleveland State University. In her native Russia, she studied International Relationships at South Ural State University as a recipient of a Distinguished Academic Scholarship.


    Svetlana and her husband have two young children who benefit from exposure to her very active lifestyle, including rollerblading, cycling, swimming, tennis, and rock climbing. She also places a priority on taking her family on adventurous trips and traveling internationally to explore new places, people, and cultures.

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