Christopher D. Kline, Ph.D.

Christopher D. Kline, Ph.D.

Advisor, Investor Relations

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    Chris is an advisor at Berkeley Capital and brings a network of capital sources as well as years of managerial and organizational oversight.


    He is an innovative strategist, creating business solutions that link the talent in the organization to the Business Strategy. Over the last 30 years, Chris has a global record of helping companies grow by launching scalable solutions, improving outcomes, problem-solving, and assisting in transitions.


    Currently Chris is the President of Metis Consulting Strategies, a management advisory and consultancy that helps companies, teams, and leaders grow in their industry. They do this by strategically linking leaders at all levels with operational challenges. By linking leaders with key organizational challenges, the organization is transformed, and leaders are developed. Focus areas of the practice include change management and organizational effectiveness, strategic planning, executive development and coaching, functional operational transformation, and transition planning and implementation.


    As opportunities in the transition practice have increased, the advisory has expanded, which has provided a number of opportunities to assist in the areas of the buy side, and to offer support in the sell side of the transition process. In addition, the transition work opened the door to fundraising opportunities, recently assisting the close of a US$10MM funding plan for a medical device company, and US$100MM for a private equity fund.


    Prior to founding Metis Consulting Strategies, Chris was the Director of Organizational Development at Chart Industries, a publicly held cryogenic engineering and manufacturing company. He was responsible for the very successful launch and management of new global systems in performance management, succession planning, talent management and management development that were adopted and used because of their functionality and usability. In addition to these organizational projects, Chris continued to provide Executive Coaching and Executive Team Development projects.


    He began his career at Farr Associates in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he successfully led domestic and international Organizational and Executive Leadership projects with over 25 Fortune 500 organizations. Additional internal roles included the Life Office Management Association (LOMA), an insurance trade association, King’s Medical Group (Privately held; Change management, reorganization and transition), and Chart Industries, (publicly held US$2B company) where he was tasked with starting a global organizational development, talent management, and succession planning process. Since starting Metis, Chris has taken on longer-term CEO and executive leadership roles, serving in start-ups and transition situations.


    He holds a BA from the College of Wooster, and a Ph.D. from the University of Akron. He has served on several corporate and advisory boards, as well as not-for-profit Boards.

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