Berkeley Capital Announces Strategic Partnership with Cohen Brothers

CLEVELAND, Ohio (October 22, 2020) – Berkeley Capital, a Cleveland-based private equity firm today announced its new strategic partnership with Cohen Brothers, an established international placement agent and advisory firm with a proven track record that spans 14 years.

Cohen Brothers provides superior fund placement services through their vast network of institutional and family office investors. For 14 years, Cohen Brothers has placed over $3 billion of international capital with alternative fund managers like Berkeley. Berkeley Capital provides a broad network of U.S. real estate investment opportunities that are tailored to investor objectives.

“Berkeley Capital is well positioned to successfully execute transactions that most traditional players of their size are unfamiliar with or that larger institutional managers might overlook,” said Robert Cohen, CEO of Cohen Brothers. “We intend to partner with Berkeley as our gateway to U.S. real estate opportunities.”

Together, Berkeley Capital and Cohen Brothers will connect international investors to these high-quality U.S. real estate assets. This distinctive partnership leverages both firms’ strengths to more effectively source international capital for efficient investment in superior U.S. development projects and mature, stabilized assets.

“In today’s ever-changing landscape of global business, Berkeley and Cohen Brothers have formed an uncommon partnership to bring unique value to investors,” said Adnan Zai, strategic partnerships advisor to Berkeley Capital.

“Cohen Brothers’ exceptional reputation and broad cross-border experience is a good fit for our investment model and, more importantly, our corporate culture. We welcome the opportunity to work with Robert Cohen and his skilled and committed team. Together, we expect to source international capital for investment in the U.S. market,” said Michael Wager, managing director of Berkeley Capital. “This relationship extends beyond typical retention of a placement agent. Cohen Brothers and Berkeley have forged a partnership, working collaboratively to meet the needs of investors.”

About Berkeley Capital

Berkeley Capital is a boutique real estate private equity firm dedicated to creating new investment opportunities for international sources of capital and focusing on providing clients access to alternative investment strategies relevant in today’s economic climate. Its experienced team and flexible approach maximize investor returns and produce results that support clients’ long-term goals of wealth preservation and financial growth. Additional information is available at Follow Berkeley on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Cohen Brothers

Cohen Brothers is a premier international placement agent with offices in Dublin, London, Madrid and Paris. Cohen Brothers has a vast network of institutional investors and family offices across the globe. Over the last 14 years, Cohen Brothers has advised over 40 fund managers around the world in nearly every asset strategy. Global investor reach, extensive asset management industry expertise, long-term investor relationships, knowledgeable personnel, and an entrepreneurial business model are the defining characteristics of Cohen Brothers. Additional information is available at