Berkeley’s goal is to provide consistently high returns, preserve wealth, and create a diverse portfolio of assets for our LPs. We achieve this through the combination of our experience, analytical approach, and dedicated focus on boutique investment opportunities.

Seeking to meet the varied needs of our international clients, we offer Direct Investment Advisory and Traditional Fund Investment. Our niche focus will provide foreign capital sources access to deals in the US that they have previously been unable to invest in. Direct and Traditional Fund Investment ticket sizes range considerably depending on the needs of each investor. Berkeley has demonstrated an ability to source direct opportunities ranging from US$25MM to US$250MM.

No matter the investment vehicle, our goal is to blend strong returns with security of capital to ensure a successful outcome for our LPs.

Asset Classes

The Office sector has been under recent scrutiny since the pandemic which has increased the amount of employees working from home.

Because of the increase in remote work, many great assets are being sold at very attractive cap rates in great markets across the US.

Thus there will be a distinct difference between assets that are crucial to a business’s operations and those that do not fit that criteria.

Berkeley believes finding mission-critical assets sold at high cap rates makes this sector attractive to include in our portfolio.

The industrial sector is a growing asset class in the real estate market, making it a viable option for real estate portfolios - and for good reason.

Strong demand coupled with continuous growth makes the industrial sector a workable option and a desirable asset.

Since warehouses and logistics centers help store and distribute goods and e-commerce is sprouting, there is a positive long-term outlook on the industrial sector.

Because of this sector’s ability to drive economic growth and maintain stability, it makes it a crucial component of a real estate portfolio.

Principals of Berkeley have strong ties to proven Senior Housing developer and operator—OMNI Senior Living. OMNI’s founder, Pat Finley, sits on the board of Berkeley and is a strong source of quality deal pipeline.

Because of the combination of healthcare and hospitality, Senior Housing benefits from consistently strong returns and a track record of outperforming other asset classes during economic downturn.

Of course, Senior Housing is also poised to take advantage of the huge demographic that the United States is experiencing. The US population is aging rapidly and living longer than ever—this aging population will face healthcare and housing needs that are best addressed by Senior Housing communities.

Active board member, Dr. Murali Lakireddy, has substantial connections to the Medical Real Estate through his relationship with Aspen Dental Centers. In addition, Berkeley also has stakeholders with experience operating Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC).

The operational focus of Medical Real Estate generates cash flows sooner than many other real estate investment opportunities.

The growth, in addition to the consistently outsized returns that are common to healthcare, makes Medical Real Estate an extremely attractive investment option.

Multifamily assets have long been a core component of real estate portfolios, and for good reason.

Strong demand and minimal operational risk help to make multifamily a consistent and predictable real estate asset.

As urban centers have seen a resurgence in recent years—a trend that is expected to continue well into the future—multifamily will undoubtedly maintain its strength as an asset class.

Multifamily assets have the added benefit of thriving in difficult economic conditions. As the state of the economy is currently in flux, multifamily assets are crucial components of a real estate portfolio.

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