Berkeley is a private equity fund that sources international capital

for U.S. based real estate opportunities.

The Berkeley Advantage (Hover below to learn more)

As they say, timing is everything.

Given our launch this year and the onset of one of the greatest economic challenges in history, Berkeley is uniquely positioned to prosper compared to other pre-existing PE firms in the following ways:

  • Not weighed down by any underperforming funds or portfolios.
  • Any net returns achieved will be vastly superior to PE firms who have legacy issues.
  • Other firms looking to enter the distressed asset class will always still be managing other portfolios, whereas this will be Berkeley’s sole focus.



We are a boutique real estate PE firm with a dedicated focus in creating new investment opportunities for international sources of capital.  We partner with high-quality real estate developers in the United States. Our passion stems from our specialized industry expertise and deeply rooted experience—Berkeley’s principles have raised and deployed $1 billion-plus in private equity over the course of their careers. With our current geographic focus aimed at underdeveloped but fast-growing cities, we are excited to continue exploring investment opportunities throughout the United States.

We focus on providing our clients access to alternative investment strategies relevant in today’s economic climate. Our portfolio of exclusive real estate assets is hand-picked and fine-tuned to maximize returns and produce long-term results that support clients’ longevity of wealth preservation and financial growth.